Walk & Roll December

Join us for Walk and Roll December with Safe Routes to School

Our Safe Routes to School Program is offering the following FREE Virtual Family Bicycle Workshop series this December to help parents and kids become safe and confident cyclists! For more information or to register for FREE, visit www.bikesonoma.org/family-bike-workshops 

  • Thurs 12/3 at 3:00pm - Route Planning and Great Sonoma County Family Rides
  • Sat 12/5 at 2:00pm - Intro to Family Bicycling
  • Thursday 12/10 at 3:00pm - Street Skills for Parents
  • Want a chance to win a scooter, skateboard or skates? Participate in the December Walk and Roll to ANYWHERE Challenge. On ANY ONE DAY during the FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER, choose ANY destination to walk, bike, scooter or skateboard to. Then, complete the WALK & ROLL TO ANYWHERE SURVEY by clicking here.
  • Additionally, compete and submit one of the Safe Routes to School December Scavenger Hunt activities for one or more chances to win.
  • Download the FILLABLE Scavenger Hunt Packets:  Elementary School/K-6th Packet (English PDF) (Spanish PDF) 
  • Do one OR more Scavenger Hunts in your packet - each submitted hunt is an entry into our drawing
  • You do not have to find every single thing on the Scavenger Hunt - find as much as you can and submit when you have found all you can.
  • Submit to Safe Routes to School (may be submitted via email or the mail) and received no later than Friday 1/8/21.