4th Grade

English Language Arts

Students closely read a combination of literature and informational texts to help develop skills such as inferencing, identifying text structures and features, and understanding literary elements. Fourth grade students explore a variety of different writing styles such as poetry, opinion, narrative stories, and information research reports. 


Students learn multi-digit multiplication and long-division. They also expand their understandings of fractions by comparing fractions, determining equivalent fractions, and adding and subtracting fractions. Additionally, fourth grade students learn about angles and the customary and metric systems. 


In fourth grade, students expand their understandings of how Earth changes. They also study different forms of energy. In addition, they learn about waves and the structure and function of plants and animals.

Social Studies

Fourth graders focus on California history. Students learn about California geography and regions, native California people, the mission system, and the gold rush. Furthermore, students closely evaluate California through time, from past to present day. 

Physical Education

In fourth grade, students learn to apply different movement concepts and patterns to develop important motor skills. Students focus primarily on exercises that pertain to balance, hand-eye coordination, and body management.

Why Fourth Grade is Fabulous

Fourth grade is a collaborative team, both teachers and students. Students actively learn through many cooperative experiences, real world interactive connections to content, and projects. Fourth graders are invited to participate in an overnight field trip to “live” a part of California History in Fort Bragg.