2nd Grade

Language Arts

Second grade is an exciting year when students go from learning to read to “readers.” Second grade uses Benchmark to analyze fiction and nonfiction texts, AVT to develop academic vocabulary, and Spelling City to practice spelling patterns and sight words. Between differentiated guided reading groups and genre/author study units, students are exposed to a diverse array of literature. Meanwhile, second graders are also given opportunities to create their own narratives as well.


Students will solidify their knowledge of place value and number sense by recognizing the patterns of the base ten number system. Students engage in authentic mathematical experiences while applying various common core addition and subtraction strategies. The Bridges Curriculum emphasizes teaching concepts with a hands-on approach by making use of manipulatives and collaborative games. Students build a foundation for multiplicative concepts along with other math related skills, such as measurement and time.


Students explore in-depth units of study including classifying material properties, force and motion, and the local water cycle! One of the highlights of second grade is the world unit during which students use Google Earth and virtual maps to research habitat-specific vegetation and wildlife around the world. Second grade also uses Mystery Science to explore scientific concepts through a series of engaging videos and student led inquiry.

Social Studies

The second grade language arts curriculum incorporates a range of social studies topics including an introduction to government, simple economics of buying and selling, and comparing past and present technologies. Students explore their own lives by creating family trees and conducting family interviews.

Why we rock

Second grade is an amazing year for student growth. Grade level teachers work hard to create fun, nurturing, and comfortable environments for all types of learners. Second grade teachers want students to head into third grade confident in their skills and excited about school.