About Park Side School

Park Side School provides an academically rigorous, 21st-century learning experience through an inquiry-based instructional program. Students are provided with opportunities to use and develop their creative and critical thinking skills and to understand their roles as active members of their community. Through the dynamic combination of knowledge building, the teaching of higher order thinking skills, and a commitment toward the development of a global perspective, we enable our students to leave Park Side as life-long learners. Park Side School provides an environment where staff, students, parents, and the community work together to encourage a hunger for knowledge. Students become responsible participants in our culturally diverse, democratic society.
  • Clean & Safe with Amazing Facilities
  • Supportive, Innovative Teachers & Staff
  • Access to Updated Technology & Resources
  • Small School with Reduced Class Sizes
  • Every Student is Known by Name
  • Top Notch Curriculum Aligned to State Standards
  • High Test Scores Showing Mastery of Standards
  • Individualized Academic Support & Special Services
  • Social-Emotional Learning Focus
  • Inclusive Environment
  • Leadership and Extracurricular Opportunities
  • Community Involvement


Park Side Elementary School has maintained an unwavering commitment to providing students with a rich, broad academic foundation on which to build successful futures. Excellence in the core academic subjects is paramount, while dedication to the integration of the sciences, the arts, and physical education is essential for a well-rounded curriculum. Progress toward mastery of academic standards is monitored through a variety of formative assessments. Data collected from various measures is used by teachers to improve teaching practices and differentiate for the needs of individual students.

Social Skills

Park Side implements a social-emotional curriculum called TOOLBOX that is designed to build community and citizenship through common language based on personal awareness. TOOLBOX is a nationally recognized program that develops resiliency in children while encouraging empathy for others. Additionally, students are recognized for demonstrating “Tiger Traits,” including Teamwork, Integrity, Good Citizenship, Empathy, and Responsibility. Park Side staff believes that all students have the ability to learn and are committed to providing programs and conditions that ensure success. Curriculum and instruction are consistent with the Common Core State Standards and reflect current research on best practices for effective instruction. The implementation of fine arts and technology enhance instruction.


In addition to the standards-based curriculum, Park Side offers a robust gardening program and comprehensive music classes. The staff strives to maintain strong partnerships with parents, community groups, and civic organizations that support students’ social endeavors, personal growth, and academic success. Park Side is committed to promoting a safe and supportive educational environment that addresses children’s individual needs while challenging all students to realize their full potential.
Park Side School
7450 Bodega Avenue
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: (707) 829-7400
Fax: (707) 829-7409
Sebastopol Union School District's Mission:
As a progressive district that is an integral part of its engaged and diverse community, Sebastopol Union School District graduates all of its students as globally-minded citizens, critical and creative thinkers, skilled collaborators, and fully-engaged learners who achieve academic excellence and are socially and emotionally resilient; we accomplish this with inspired teaching of a rigorous and meaningful curriculum in a dynamic learning environment where we support and challenge every student in partnership with families and community.


Linda Irving ([email protected])


Vice Principal:

Molly Bulwa  ([email protected])


Office Manager:

Cori Robbins ([email protected])


Office Clerk:

Mayra Martin ([email protected])