3rd Grade

Language Arts

In third grade, students are no longer learning to read but reading to learn. They read closely from various literary genres and informational texts. In writing, third graders learn to develop their ideas by using powerful sentences to create strong paragraphs. During the third grade year, students write multi-paragraph, informational and opinion essays. Additionally, students learn new vocabulary, increase their spelling skills, and explore figurative language.


Third graders focus on multiplication and division for facts 0-10. They learn about fractions, geometric shapes, area, perimeter, addition and subtraction with regrouping within 1,000, and telling time. Students focus on extending their understandings of place value to the one-thousandths place.


In third grade, students learn about animal life cycles and adaptations that help them survive in their environments. Students also learn about ecosystems, weather, and climate. Classes do experiments to learn about forces and interactions. They also complete various STEM activities and explore Mystery Science to increase interest and expand knowledge.

Social Studies

The social studies focus in third grade is community. While exploring the local community, students have opportunities to make contact with the past and with people whose activities have left marks on the land. Students ask questions, read and analyze texts, including primary and secondary sources, engage in speaking and listening activities, and write a variety of texts.

Beyond the Classroom

Third graders participate in a variety of field trips throughout the year. In the past, students have visited PumpkinsBouverie (by lottery), the Heirloom Festival at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Luther Burbank Gardens for the biography unit, and the UC Davis Marine Lab/Bodega Bay for a scientific inquiry unit. Additionally, the third grade participates in walking field trips to the Sebastopol Library and music programs at the Sebastopol Community Center. To celebrate success, third graders end the year with a swim party at Ives pool.